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How Can I File a Lawsuit Against Social Security?

How Can I File A Lawsuit Against Social Security? Social Security Corner Q & A: We received the following question via our website, www.socialsecuritycorner.com from Wendy of Bakersfield Ca.: “Hi. my name is Wendy and back in 2013 I applied for social security disability. At that time I was under the care of an orthopedic doctor that filled out a “Residual Function Capacity” form for me, and...

Do You Meet The Social Security Administration’s Definition of Being Disabled?

Do You Meet The Social Security Administration’s Definition of Being Disabled? A disability can affect a person in many different ways. Quality of life, the ability to earn a living, families well being and financial security just to name a few. If you are indeed disabled and you are unable to work then you may be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration. Although you believe that you...

How do I apply for Social Security benefits?

If you have not already filed, you have you file directly with the Social Security Administration as the initial application is very simple. It can be done online or by phone with your local field office. You will need to get to work immediately and I will send you a form that you can have your treating physician fill out that will of great benefit in the determination of your claim.

What if I am denied?

Such a high percentage of those who file a Social Security Disability claim are denied the first and even the second time. Do not get discouraged. You need to appeal if you feel you have a legitimate claim. A denial means that the lower level decision makers feel that there is not enough evidence on the record to award benefits. If you are truly unable to work, it may simply be a matter of gathering more records or...

How long does the process take?

The hard truth is that, on average, it takes 1 to 2 years to get from the date of your initial application, to the date a decision is made by an Administrative Law Judge. There is not much–other than sending as much clear medical evidence as possible—that can be done to speed the process along as it goes through multiple levels of bureaucracy as it moves along the system. Again, don’t get discouraged. You may...

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