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Who attends a social security disability hearing?

This hearing is attended by you, your representative, the Judge, a Court Reporter and a Vocational Expert. Occasionally, if the judge chooses, a Medical Expert will be on hand (usually by phone).

What happens at a social security disability hearing?

Usually the first thing that happens is the Administrative Law Judge will take a few minutes to explain the process and swear you in. Then the Judge will ask some preliminary questions about your household, your age, height, weight, etc. The Judge will then either turn the time over to your representative to draw from you testimony about your impairments or problems. The Judge may interrupt with their own questions...

What are the levels of appeal of a social security disability claim?

Initial application If denied Request for Reconsideration If denied Request for Hearing Hearing before Administrative Law Judge If denied Appeals Panel Review If denied Appeal to Federal District Court

What factors are important in a social security disability claim?

Age Education Past Work Experience Impairments (medical problems)

How is a decision made at the hearing level?

In a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, your case will be dealing with five main questions, known as the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process. Are you working or have you been working? Do you have a severe impairment? Do you meet all of the criteria of a Listing for disability? Can you work the same jobs you used to work? Is there other work that you can...

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