What Problems Qualify as Disabilities?

Qualifying Conditions

  • Musculoskeletal System (problems with bones and muscles)
  • Special Senses and Speech (problems seeing, hearing, speaking)
  • Respiratory System (problems breathing)
  • Cardiovascular System (problems with heart or blood flow)
  • Digestive System (problems with stomach, bowels or liver)
  • Genitourinary Impairments (problems with bladder, urinary tract or kidneys)
  • Hematological Disorders (problems with your blood)
  • Skin Disorders (skin infections, disorders or burns)
  • Endocrine Disorders (diabetes, gland disorders)
  • Congenital Disorders Affecting Multiple Body Systems (Down Syndrome)
  • Neurological (Seizures, brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, etc)
  • Mental Disorders (Autism, addictions, anxiety, depression, mental retardation, etc.)
  • Malignant Neoplastic Diseases (cancer, nerve problems, organ problems)
  • Immune System Disorders (lupus, HIV, Sclerosis, arthritis, etc.)

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