Social Security Disability Insurance: 3 Most Common Mistakes Made [VIDEO]


The largest mistake made by claimants, is when, and if they get denied for Social Security Disability, they fail to file an appeal altogether, or they fail to file an appeal in a timely fashion.  The Social Security Administration only allows 60 days to file an appeal. The entire process can be overwhelming and the hoops that one must jump through can, and will leave some people disappointed, frustrated, and so exhausted that they simply give up.  They feel defeated so they do not think an appeal would be anything but a waste of their time. This is not true. With the number of claims that the SSA gets, perhaps appealing your claim will show to the SSA that you are indeed disabled and deserving of assistance. Many claimants that appeal their initial denial, go on to win their appeal and get the benefits they so desperately are in need of. If your case has been denied, contact Eric Brown with Jones Brown PLLC. and let him make the determination if there is a need to move forward in the process.  The Social Security Administration denies deserving people every single day.  Believe it.  It happens. Eric Brown brings the knowledge, professionalism and experience necessary to get you results.

Social Security
Social Security

Another critical mistake made when filing for SSDI, is the claimants failure to obtain a good doctor to follow their case and treatment. Claimants have absolutely zero chance of receiving approved status without proper documentation from a doctor. Having a good doctor is just as important as having a good attorney when dealing with the Social Security Administration. An attorney cannot make up evidence.  An attorney cannot create what your injury is, explain in detail about it, or testify how it restricts and limits you.  A good, reputable doctor must do that. Talk to your doctor, find out if he or she has any experience with the Social Security Administration or the SSDI processes.


The final mistake that claimants make is that they try and take this process on alone. Remember you are dealing with a bureaucracy that has policy in place, and be assured that the Social Security Administration follows said policy.  If one item is missed on your application, one question is not answered properly, or maybe there is medical evidence that is skipped over or left out. Any one of these little mistakes can derail your claim and destroy your chances from receiving SSDI.  There are a lot of hoops to jump through so hire yourself a good Social Security Disability attorney, hire Eric Brown.




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Eric Brown has a robust Social Security Disability practice where he has represented clients in close to one hundred Social Security hearings since he began practicing Social Security law.  He has helped Social Security claimants get benefits who have both physical and mental disabilities.  He enjoys this practice because it allows him to help those whose circumstances have rendered them unable to work.  He is an advocate for those who have spent their whole working lives paying into an insurance system (our Social Security Disability system) that has now denied them the benefit of that insurance at the time of their greatest need.

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