What Benefits Can I Expect?

If a Claimant is approved Supplemental Security Income (SSI) , there are several factors that play a part in figuring your monthly benefits. The amount you receive will depend on household size, income and assets. Social Security will consider earned and unearned income, mortgage or rent payments.

For 2015, SSI has a maximum monthly amount of $733.00 and in most states you would also be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid eligibility begins the same month as your SSI eligibility. In Oklahoma a separate application for Medicaid must be filed. Back benefits go back to date of filing your initial application unless the favorable decision includes an amended onset date.

If a Claimant is approved Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, their monthly benefits are calculated by their earnings record (or the amount they have paid into Social Security during their working years). If the Claimant has minor children, they would be entitled to SSI benefits as well. Back benefits for SSDI are more difficult to determine. The benefits are paid back to date you are found disabled, however no benefits will be paid for the first five-month period.

Also, with SSDI, the back pay can only be paid back to a maximum of 12 months prior to date of filing.

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