How an Identify Thief Can Use Your Social Security Number

What Exactly Can a Criminal Do When They Steal Your Social Security Number?

Whether you’ve had your Social Security number stolen or just want to learn more, it’s important to know what exactly criminals can do with it, so you know how to recognize the warnings.

Unfortunately, there are many ways a criminal can steal your Social Security number. They can discover your number by digging through your trash for any personal documents to stealing your information through the internet. Once an identity thief has found your Social Security number, they can commit all kinds of serious crimes including financial fraud and all could seriously damage your livelihood. Why? Well, Social Security numbers are used anywhere from your medical history to bank accounts and once a thief has a hold of your number, they will have access to all of your information and benefits!

Steal Your Benefits

The Social Security thief can use your number to file for unemployment or receive Social Security benefits! This could seriously prevent you from receiving assistance in the future.

Medical Care

Yes, they can seek medical care and prescriptions (including narcotics) with your Social Security number and even use your medical insurance to cover it all. These criminals can seriously affect your health care coverage negatively! Your coverage could even be denied because of misinformation because of the thief. You may find yourself with bills and collection notices for medical services you never received.

Commit Crimes

Unfortunately, there are numerous crimes a thief could commit with your Social Security number. Thieves could commit a “Stolen Identify Refund Fraud” or SIRF by using your Social Security number to file income tax returns in your name to claim all the refunds! Criminals may also use your Social Security number to open utility service agreements or even upgrade their own accounts. Next thing you know, you may have a collection of unpaid bills and collections listed on your credit report. They could even sell your Social Security information through the dark web so others may use your identity over and over again. If the criminal is arrested and gives your Social Security number instead of their own, their crimes will be reported under your background check which could prevent you from finding future employment.

Open Bank & Credit Card Accounts

The criminal can use your Social Security number in order to apply for excessive credit cards, bank accounts, and even loans. They could also withdraw funds from your bank accounts and cash in bad checks under your name.

If you’ve already lost your Social Security card or worried someone may have stolen it, please report to your local police, Security Security Administration office and any of the three major credit report agencies. For more information click here.

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