How Much Will I Get In SSDI Benefits?

How Much Will I Get From SSDI Benefits?

How Much Will I Get In SSDI Benefits?

SSDI Benefits

SSDI is a federally funded program providing help to the disabled. Individuals who have paid Social Security taxes are eligible for receiving SSDI benefits, upon approval of an application. SSDI proves to be of immense aid to people who have lost their ability to earn a living as a result of their disability. Because SSDI benefits provide several advantages for a disabled individual, a high volume of applications are received. However, not all the requests can be approved, especially with the program already reeling under a potential cash crunch. As a result, typically, more applications are rejected than approved by the authorities.

Here is a look at the SSDI benefits amount or volume that an individual may claim if the application is made correctly.

Calculating SSDI Benefits Amounts

SSDI amounts or the benefits an individual may finally receive depends on the amount of average income earned before the onset of the disability. SSDI benefits are not dependent on the type of disability or its severity. SSDI benefits may amount to anything from $700 to $1700 a month. In the year 2018, the average payout has been around $1,197 a month, with the maximum being $2,788.

This is only an average amount and the actual figure can vary, depending on the individual’s case and earnings. However, if there are disability payments coming in from other sources, such as from the employer, the benefit volume from SSDI will be reduced.

The Formula That Calculates the SSDI Payment

The formula that is used to calculate SSDI payouts takes into account an individual’s earnings across a period of time. This is termed as the average indexed monthly earnings (AIME). This is the base figure to which a formula is applied to calculate a primary insurance amount (PIA) and then that figure is used to arrive at the amount of benefit. The formula involves taking a fixed percentage of a particular amount of income and adding the result to the PIA. For the benefit of individuals, a calculator is available on the Social Security Administration site and it can be accessed here:


Why You Need an SSDI Attorney

Calculating the exact SSDI benefits amount can be a difficult proposition for an individual who is also dealing with the prospect of living with a debilitating disability and a reduced income, coupled with increased medical bills. A Social Security Disability Lawyer can help you assess your disability, understand the path to take with your particular case, and help you make the application in an informed and effective manner.

Remember: Having a professional by your side increases your chances of receiving an approval. It allows you to make an application that is technically correct, thus helping you have an advantage from the beginning.

At Jones Brown PLLC, we help clients who are facing the prospects of disability and preparing to live with it with dignity and independence. Our team of attorneys, over the years, has helped countless clients understand their disability better and thus understand what qualifies for disability benefits.

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