Reasons Why You Were Denied Social Security Benefits

Denied Disability Benefits?

Have any doubts or questions about the Social Security process?

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If you have been denied social security disability (also known as SSD) benefits, you are probably frustrated and wondering why you were denied. The reality is millions of people apply for Social Security Disability benefits each year but out of those millions, only an estimated 30% are approved!


So why are so many Social Security Disability claims denied?

Don’t worry we have you covered.

Here is a list of possible reasons why you were denied Social Security Benefits:

  1. You made errors when you filled out your application
  2. You did not complete all of your claim forms
  3. Lack of sufficient medical evidence
  4. If your income is more than 1,040 per month
  5. You have been convicted of a crime
  6. If you fail to follow the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor
  7. You do not currently see a doctor for regular treatment
  8. Your disability is not considered long-term or not severe enough for assistance
  9. You failed to comply with the Social Security Administration’s request for information or medical records.
  10. Your disability is primarily due to alcohol or drug abuse
  11. You were refused before and then filed a new disability claim
  12. The Social Security Administration has attempted to locate you and were unable to reach you

Social Security Corner Attorney Eric B. Brown If you were recently denied Social Security benefits, don’t give up. Consider filing for an appeal instead! To learn more on how to appeal a decision click here

Consider hiring an attorney to help you with your SSDI claim

If you are concerned and uncomfortable about the SSDI process, then you might want to consider hiring an attorney. There are many attorneys that specialize in SSDI cases like our experienced attorney Eric B. Brown. He can help you with several parts of the SSDI process and ensure your application is complete. Attorneys like Eric B. Brown can help you gather critical information, file your application, connect with SSA and even represent you at your hearing. It is common for people to hire an attorney after their application has been denied but please keep in mind, applicants only have 65 days to file an appeal and an attorney can help complete and turn in required paperwork within this tight deadline.

Social Security Corner Attorney Eric B. Brown Hiring an Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney who understands disability cases will help you in preparing for your hearing. To speak with an experienced attorney who specializes in disability claims, contact Eric B. Brown by CLICKING HERE. Eric has a robust Social Security Disability practice where he has represented clients in close to one hundred Social Security hearings since he began practicing Social Security law. He has helped Social Security claimants get benefits who have both physical and mental disabilities. He enjoys this practice because it allows him to help those whose circumstances have rendered them unable to work. He is an advocate for those who have spent their whole working lives paying into an insurance system (our Social Security Disability system) that has now denied them the benefit of that insurance at the time of their greatest need.

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